As a class, we were tasked with creating and designing an inventive calendar. I decided to make a fun calendar that engages the user and teaches them about science all at the same time. To summarize, at the beginning of the week, the user will take a card out of the deck and a specimen slide out of its box. The user will then place the specimen slide under the microscope and make discoveries within the cell every day. The slide has little numbers on the cell and it designates which day the user will make which discovery. This project was quite the undertaking but very worth it.

Calendar Box 1
Calendar Contents
Calendar Card Box
Calendar Booklet
Calendar Slide Box
Calendar Card 1
Calendar Card 2
Calendar Card 3
Calendar Card 4
Calendar Card 5
Calendar Card 6
Calendar Slide 1
Calendar Slide 2
Calendar Slide 3
Calendar Box 2
Calendar Box 3